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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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sghp awe horrifying discovery. >> my heart is heavy this is my neighborhood. i live her and have children. >> flooding inside a metro station and it's not the first time this has happened and plus your weekend forecast. >> and chaos caught on camera when a suspected car khak jacker went on a wild ride. news starts now. we begin with horrific heart braking discovery inside a prince george county home. thank you for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> in for shawn. three young children were found dead in a home in clinton today. "fox5" evan lambert is live in the neighborhood tonight with more on thisy evan.
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crime scene investigators are still here at the crime scene investigating and they've been working all day to figure out exactly what led up to the children's daemingz. tonight a family member tells us that all three of those young children are related. tonight a family member of one of the victims says a 6-year-old little girl is monday among one of the three inside this clinton home. her name is not released. the father is heartbroken after prince george county police found three girls dead friday morning. >> they're able to say they are all girls. they're all under the age of ten. they had trauma to the body as i mentioned to you this morning. and that this is a homicide. >> investigators say they are interviewing several people they spent the day documenting the crime scene at the home on brook jane drive. ne
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for their own children. >> i have a daughter and also my neighbors they have children. so this is horrific. i cannot each go to work today because i have a child here and it's a murderer out here. >> they believe the violence is contained to the one home. >> and as of tonight police tell us that they have not made any arrest again they are conducting several interviews. live in clinton. evan lambert. "fox5 local news". >> all right evan thank you very much. let's get you updated on what's been going on tonight as we reported earlier there's been flooding across parts of region we had problem with a metro station flooding in north washington do the rains continue or have they moved out. >> they moved out. thank goodness just in time too a lot of places that picked
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really would have magnified the flooding concerns had these thunderstorms not moved to the iingt. couple of places yes. they did have flooding obviously right there our very own metro station. you know what most of this activity is well east of us. i'm taking us back in time to get a sense of what was going on. this is at 5:00 okay it was scattered. we had some pretty good thunderstorms up north. there was plenty of flooding gone on this particular time north of baltimore. watch what happens as we progress with the storm and how it takes shape and blossoms. right after it gets eats of i 9 a5. it's very, very dramatic and heaviest thunderstorms moved offshore now and still plenty of rain over there for southern maryland and delaware and then into -- this extends down to central sections of virginia. one aactive flash flood in place that's down in st.
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calvert county and southern charles that will run until 11:15 p.m. in terms of how much rain we had this is doppler estimated rainfall. soy take you down to southern maryland. this is why they're having problems down there with flash flooding gone on anywhere between 2 and 4" of estimated rainfall from the doppler radar. we had another little hot spot east of d.c. out 50 towards buoy and mitchellville and then annapolis. annapolis got -- was right on edge of big rains south of them across the bridge over into the eastern shore can island -- here inside the beltway through parts of college park and headed to closer to just out norm west just northwest up bwi parkway they had as much as two inch of of rain ben
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forecast looks dry. we'll have a little fog f forming in places and temperatures upper 70s at 1 a.m. and we're dropping down. generally speaking the lower to mid 70 oez night tonight and cold front comes through well won't cool us off much but will lower humidity a bit. awful today with the humidity. it will be less humid into the weekend. we'll talk more about that in a bit. tony right now all this bad stuff getting out of here. >> gary, thank you much. steve, bannon has returned to bright mart news at executive chairman. the move comes after president trump accepted his role as chief strategist. his depart your and he was behind many of his most controversial efforts including travel ban. earlier this week
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president praised bannon and leaving his future in question and one day later bannon contradicted president during an interview saying there was no military solution for north korea. >> you see ben has been a controversial figure from the start and as president pointed out the other day he was not with him all the way. steve bannon helped bring in the conservative wing of republican party and get prince william behind president trump. that might have been the most important contribution he m made. >> one white house made and. >> virginia state trooper pilot berk bates was laid to receipt. one of two virginia state troopers killed in helicopter crash last saturday responding to deadly protests at white supremists rally in charlottesville. absolute aunt would
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and only two hours. since that incident in charlotteville a rub of them asking for failing. >> terri mcauliffe in richmond. mccaluf scited safety concerns with what pd in charlo charlotteville. he want general assembly toy neat emergency session to consider removal of confederate statues. the statue of tawny stood outside the state house in annapolis and removal happened after midnight. she fouingts for years to have the statue removed saying that his legacy in 1857. and in the district someone place aid banner near the statue of confederate
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stands near jishy groups. they're part of a modern con federacy. and the names listed include chief of staff. john kelly. chief economic advisor some district leaders called for removal of the historic st statue. >> still to come went on dog in -- >> today. >> tractor-trailer. >> he's driving a security guard we'll show you how it played out next. >> new research to have an impact phone your dating life. >> and coming up on the final five. we all know about the recent couldn't versus yeah surrounding president trump. does this create a moral dilemma for golfers when it comes to choosing a
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>> the death toll roads to 14 today and 1 0 0 people were injured in the vehicle ta tacks. and suspect were planing a bomb attack as well. they say that did not ends up happening because on wednesday those bombs detonated prematurely in the home the perhaps were taking shape. today plans arrested -- police areged a fourth person. five suspect behind the resort town in cambrils were shot dead at the scene. >> all caught on camera. "fox5" obtained exclusive video of a man allegedly st stealing a car from security guard and shopping center parking lot and then destroying nerve its path. he even had his dog with him the entire time. tonight police identified him as 5 xwreerd kelly robinson triangle virginia. here'sow
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>> the video is something out of action movie. >> when backing out he backed up and hit the front of safe way. stopped for a few seconds and fell again. >> you can see in it a car speed off in the safe way parking lot and leaving behind signs knocked over. multiple car crashes and then cones surrounding the crime scene. >> see police rifles rifles what the hell got to keep it rolling thank god i got them on the phone. >> 9:00 this morning robbery in progress near shopping center on little river turnpike. turns out when they arrived they say the robbery was not exactly what they thought it would be. >> they derm
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car crash. >> near ravens worm and little river turnpike. from there we're told the suspect took off on foot and tried to carjack a woman in the parking lot. that's when the security guard at the shopping center intervened and struggle began. >> as that struggle continued the suspect was able to remove the car keys from security officer's pocket and steal his vehicle. >> at that point officers say he then sped off through the parking lot where he crashed into a building on top of multiple cars and timely this pole here not to mention police say the suspect had a pit bull with him during the time. >> ensuring safety of dog as well. >> although it may not look like it police say this all ended as smoothly and pea peacefully as it could get: that was chris tip leon reporting and
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no one was injured during the well to incident. >> presidents at the wynnefield residents reported no water heat or gas because the management company owed utilities more than a million dollars. they need repairs to fix several fire good have a laces management must make repairs by tuesday if not completed by then residents will have 24 hours to get out. >> we want to make sure we have working fire alarm system we do not at this time. making sure trash and come bust i believes were removed from vacant apartments we very issues with scatters man write doors are not secured. we want to make sure they get secured. >> that's fire and ems chief benjamin barks dale. management also has to make sure all fire doors are working and they need to
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and make sure stairwells are accessible. >> national too zoo is under pregnancy watch again. zoo keepers say she showed some signs of pregnancyise or pseudo pregnancy in recent days she's budsing a nest and not heeching much as sleeping more. so far for now a how will be closed to investigators to keep that area quieter along the den. >> zoo officials are surprised he they were not aware she was dating. >> really? >> what is this doing up. >> oh, >> there's another story. >> we were going to weather i'm sorry. >> i thought it was odd. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> bad timing man come on. >> could have been wortion. >> tonight heavy rains triggered flooding in some areas and briefly interrupted service, you have to come out of the video and help me out. briefly interrupted service on metro red lion
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showing flood water cascading down water from the storm did not reach platform or tracks and draped away before long i station may not be able to do that. >> what was that about majong again. >> never mind. >> see on my things it said weather. >> i forgot. >> we just interest to believe him. it's so small i can't even read it. >> i for ghoot working a friday night was like. >> see is it not one. it's great. it's a lot more fun here than it is for you at home i would have ta say. >> want to talk about the eclipse again? >> i'm surprised we did not fit another eclipse story new before weather. >> show is not over yet. >> what is producer mike thinking doesn't he get the memo. you have to have two eclipse stories in every show. okay, thank y
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they're coming up. they're coming up. beautiful shot. i don't think you have been the storms move on. i'll show you radar actually i mean this formed incredibly dramatic lines of showers and thunderstorms as it pushed off to the east. i showed that earlier how it started as scattered broken line. and then once it got east of 95 it just really came together and a lot of wind reports and several reports of damage i didn't -- i didn't get a hail report at all. not officially. you may have gotten a little bit it nev got to the report status so i never saw any anything. it doesn't if me. >> flash flatting with these particular storms they were moving on through. >> storms obviously off to the east of us foggy spots overnight.
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>> tomorrow not gd. not humid. relief will good a long way. we'll end up with a lot of relief instead of tu point in the 70s or i think just enough to make it more comfortable. once west norm westing 5 pretty much normal this time of year. i don't care even hot just i temperatures upper 70s in t town. lots of middle 70s suburbs. 79 for hagerstown and dew points have not come down yet. i want to show you something. cumberland 64 degrees dewpoint and moving through there it's kind of cold front and name only more than anything it sweeps a lot of moisture out of here bringing down relative humidity for tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night and on sunday as well with the weekend l
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good. thunderstorms moving to east do i have them made like from -- this is not a surprise set tonight thanks for all the sunset bikt not so humid 89. looks nice on sunday 88 degrees tonight. 60s and 70s watch for fog and tomorrow upper 80s. some places low 90s. not as humid tomorrow as we were today. this is planner. lots of sunshine. looks good. 7 day forecast looks like this. we warm with back up. more humidity monday, tuesday, wednesday, big thunderstorms wednesday and it drinks temperature crashing down t tony. >> good stuff. thank you, sir. >> you are what you eat. it could apply to dating life. new study suggestions men single and looking for love should eator
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vehicleables. researchers in australia looks at link between scents and attracts in dozens of men and found women prefer scept of men who eat a lot of produce compared with those who ate a lot of carbs or meat. >> tony you smell so much like brussel sprouts. >> mmm. >> [ laughter ]. >> there we go. an apple. >> that's so hot. the eclipse party people will wear only their sunglasses. take that frutd with you dan
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>> we have update on top story tonight we reported earlier on three young girls dead in a home in clinton and all of them ten years old or younger and prince george county police have just now announced they have arrest the someone in that crime. >> 24-year-old clinton resident and an tone joan williams of the
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brook jane drive and again this is in triple homicide of three juvenile females. they're not sharing more information on the swretion. they want to make sure the community made arrest. >> although they're not sharing information we don't know the relationship with the person today as the girls it's the address where these murders occurred. 6400 block of brook a 24-year-old man has been arrested in this case. >> and we do expect another update tomorrow morning near 11 a.m. prince george county police had a press conference and they'll share more details on that. 11 a.m. in prince george county at the police head quarers. >> should have read the story. >> we'll have the latest on our web site fox
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ooh i'm proceed question lo logan. he klis of the heart crews. your final five tonight. the president offers support to spain after yesterday's attacks. heather higher's mother says she cannot forgive the president. another white house commission is folding in protest. steve bannon is out and lasted 21 times longer than anthony skar and the flag over texas was confederate flag. that's the final flag. we start with response to attack in spain. president trump reached out to offer


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